The Switch Story

Born out of eight decades of eyewear design and innovation from Liberty Sport and engineered in our own lab, Switch Vision offers the world’s first magnetic interchange technology for all of your sunglass needs.

In 2007, our product design team, some of whom have almost 50 years’ experience in the optical design and engineering field, began experimenting with various concepts related to magnets.  A prototype with magnets inserted directly into the lenses was developed and what followed were almost two years of development of the initial frame styles and marketing strategy before Switch broke out on the scenein 2009.  As the first sunglass company to patent and utilize a magnetic interchange lens system, Switch offered athletes and individuals a solution to have multiple lenses that fit one frame to meet the light conditions throughout the day.  To top it off, all of these frame styles and lenses are able to accommodate the needs of those that require a prescription lens solution -a unique benefit of our sunglasses.

Switch stands as a 5+ year old startup which has the support of our parent company, Liberty Sport, which has been established in the eyewear industry since 1929.  This brand history and independence provides true flexibility in developing our own, best-of-breed products, as we stay connected to the needs of our customers.  Our purpose is right in line with our history and tells the story of our engineering and technology and lends itself to ‘Powered by Switch’ technology as more magnetic sunglass options enter our line.  Switch allows you to see right in every light and have the eyewear solutions to be at the top of your performance and lifestyle needs.