Stephen Nance

Fly Fisherman
Boulder, CO

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What’s your favorite thing about Fly Fishing:  

Fly Fishing is one of the most creative sports in the world.  It takes an imaginative mind to fish bodies of water productively.  I enjoy fishing

in a style different than the anglers before.  For instance, fishing hard to reach water, or presenting flies in ways the fish rarely see.  I think for me,

Fly Fishing is a disconnect from the world.  I can get lost in it, and the movement of my body and the rise of a feeding fish is all that matters in the

present moment.  There are not too many other activities out there like it!


What brought you to it? / How’d you get into it? 

Ever since I was little my family has gone to Colorado for summer vacations, and we’ve always been into fishing.  However, fly fishing was something

my family knew very little about.  I was very intrigued by the older folks standing in the middle of the river waving a stick around, so I knew I had to try it. 

I remember buying my first fly fishing kit at Wal-Mart 15+ years ago.  Since then, I have been “hooked!”, and have gone onto have the pleasure of teaching

not only family members how to fly fish, but also hundreds of clients from around the world.


What’s made you really proud/inspired/stoked about it? 

When I started to be good enough to learn enough about the sport to teach it.  I think when you really know you are passionate about a sport is when you

are excited to teach it.  This hit me seven or so years ago when I became a certified casting instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers.  It is a rigorous test,

with a 90% failure rate at the time.  I was lucky enough to have great mentors and I passed on the first go around.  Since then, teaching casting and the

movement in which it takes to handle a fly rod properly has made me super happy. To this day I enjoy teaching friends and clients alike how to enjoy a

day on the river.


Any awards, recognitions, accomplishments or qualifications you want to mention? 

  • Certified Casting Instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers
  • Multiple wins in casting competitions


What is some little thing in your life – something that you do, or something that someone does for you, whatever – that gives you real joy? 

I enjoy giving.  Sometimes it almost feels selfish of me to give, because I think it gives me more joy and pleasure than the person receiving. 

I think you should always give more than you take!


What do you love most about traveling? 

New experiences.  This comes in many different forms.  It can be adventures that were not planned; it could be meeting new crazy, fun people. 

It could be catching a type of fish you have never seen before.  Traveling keeps the soul fresh and happy.  Without it, life would seem too….  Normal.