Shane Perrin

Stand Up Paddler
St. Louis, Missouri

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What’s your favorite thing about SUPing:  

As the owner of Supstlouis I get to teach literally hundreds of people each season how to stand up. 

It’s that connection with people that are trusting me to teach them that gets me excited year after.


What brought you to it? / How’d you get into it? 

I saw a picture of it a friend sent me.  i didn’t have a SUP so i stood up in my canoe (2008).  Did that a couple years

and then built sup out of wood strips.  then n 2011 a local shop sponsored me with a board.  I began racing with it against

kayaks and canoes. a 35 mile race, then a 100 mile, then finally a 340 mile. Here’s my first race    


Stand Up Guy - The Documentary


What’s made you really proud/inspired/stoked about it? 

 The Sup community truly lives by the word “Ohana” (family).  We truly are a family that helps each other out.

I’ve made friends across the globe through SUP that have helped me when I needed it and vice versa. 

It is inspiring to know that there’s still so many good people out there, and they all Stand up.


Any awards, recognitions, accomplishments or qualifications you want to mention? 

I’m Wsupa, WPA, and Fitnes OnBoard certified to teach. through my racing I’ve accomplished:

  • Hold the world record for 24hr sup distance at 101 miles
  • 2013 ranked #7 in the world by Supconnect
  • 2012 won open round of supconnect best paddler, received honorable mention in the final round
  • 1st to sup the mr340 (340 mile race in Missouri)
  • 1st to SUP la Ruta Maya Belize (179 mile 3 man canoe race in Belize)
  • 1st to sup Texas Water safari ( 260 mile race in Texas)
  • 1st to sup Florida everglades challenge (300 ocean mile race in Florida)
  • completed iron athlete expedition: 535 miles by sup and land paddling in 10 days
  • 1st to circumnavigate St. Thomas and St. John USVI in 34 hours


What is some little thing in your life – something that you do, or something that someone does for you, whatever - that gives you real joy? 

I always attach a charity to every big race or expedition I do. 2014 I raised over $7000 for a family who’s

4 year old daughter was battling cancer.  To do so I had a national paddle day as I Land paddled 24 hours and

made 211 miles at the ultraskate in Miami.  The gratefulness of the family is something I will always remember,

as well as how the SUP Ohana came together.


 What do you love most about traveling? 

The People.  It’s really the connection with people that I get while traveling that makes me continue to do what I do. 

I have learned so much from others and it’s allowed me to grow as person and paddler.