Johan Schimmel

aka VJ-which stands for Vitamin J, a nick name given by some younger athletes that I coached-trained when I was VP, Ride leader and workout coordinator at SCTA. It has been adopted throughout the athletic community and since then also use it as my brand name for my coaching Business. VJ-TRI coaching. Triathalon
Santa Clara, CA

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What’s your favorite thing about your sport?  

The all over healthy lifestyle, the multi-facets of the sport, training and coaching that it requires, a lifestyle change and adaptation that does create lifetime athletes. The support one gets during training, racing and planning is amazing. The Pros stay to celebrate with the ‘normal’ people, that creates supporting and caring, and still a fair and competitive (athletic strong) community.


What brought you to it? / How’d you get into it? 

At age 44, and being injured again from playing soccer, I volunteered at my oldest daughter’s SuperKid’s triathlon.  It was so much fun and these kids had so much energy, that with my background as recreational swimmer, and biking to school from age 6 till 20, and a runner (read soccer player) I decided to coach myself for the local Olympic distance triathlon in Santa Cruz.


Any awards, recognitions, accomplishments or qualifications you want to mention? 

2012 - Honorable mention from for my age group accomplishments.

2013 - with two top 10 in age-group finishes, USATriathlon awarded me with All American.

2013 - I received an IronMan Bronze Medal of All World Athlete for the high ranking I reached.

2014 - I earned my USAT certified Level I Triathlon coach.  Together with the swim certification it makes for a complete package to coach athletes in general, and specifically multi sport athletes.


What is some little thing in your life – something that you do, or something that someone does for you, whatever - that gives you real joy? 

I leave (unexpectedly to them), little notes of encouragement with FB messenger, txt messages or short voice tags for my athletes (and my wife and daughters) J

Seeing a smile on someone’s face because the person is happy or has made someone else’s day better, lighter or brighter.


What do you love most about traveling? 

New cultures, new tastes and watching all the particulars of that part of the world/culture.


 Do you have a website or any social media links you’d like to share? 

Not yet; I am working on my coaching website which should be up soon.