Alexx Flamm

Adventure Racing
Northern Kentucky, USA 

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What’s your favorite thing about Sport?  

The thing I love most about adventure racing is the diversity within the sport. The fact that it’s an endurance sport that requires just as much

brains as brawn really draws me to it I suppose. Also being Mixed Nuts Captain I love the team camaraderie and respect that all athletes have

for each other and our sport.


What brought you to it? / How’d you get into it? 

When I was younger I remember watching the greats like Rebecca Rusch, Robyn Benincasa, Ian Adamson, and Mike Kloser race for days on end,

pushed to exhaustion, and thinking how amazing it was that they could put their bodies through such abuse and still carry on. So I started by building

a foundation with Orienteering and it all kind of fell into place after that. 


What’s made you really proud/inspired/stoked about it? 

One of the proudest moments as a father and athlete would have to be when my children said they wanted to become adventure racers

when they grow up so we can be on a family team. As far as being inspired, there are so many opportunities to be. Every time I see and

athlete cross the finish line after being pushed to their physical and mental limits yet not be drafted inspires me to try harder and dig a little deeper.

If not for myself, for my children or anyone who is watching.


Any awards, recognitions, accomplishments or qualifications you want to mention? 

One of my biggest accomplishments as an athlete and Captain was leading my team to a 1st place victory in a very tough and

competitive category. Mixed Nuts was  named USARA #1 ranked team in the state of Kentucky for 2014, #1 ranked 4-Person Coed

team in January 2014, but I think the biggest accomplishment is that we work as a team, finish as a team, and really love to race with each other.


What is some little thing in your life – something that you do, or something that someone does for you, whatever - that gives you real joy? 

My family. I have the amazing opportunity to raise four wonderful children thanks to my beautiful wife and all the sacrifices she's made.

Watching them grow as people, helping them find a love for nature, and teaching them to be active and athletic is my real joy.

Being in the woods with my bike and a compass is a close second.


What do you love most about traveling? 

I always love learning about the local culture and exploring all of the secret locals only trails when I travel.

Road trips with them team are always fun too, it gives us a chance to bond away from the race course.

Do you have a website or any social media links you’d like to share?  

I am the founder and author of The Gear Nuts, a outdoor lifestyle and sports media website that specializes in gear reviews, Athlete interviews and much more. Here are our social media outlets:




Mixed Nuts Adventure Racing Social Media outlets.


Favorite Switch Sunglasses: AXO’s and Lynx